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Hey y'all.

I've been craving some good Check Please fics lately, but have had a bit of a struggle finding them. I'm sorta looking for something largely in-universe, in character, maybe longer... 30k+ words. Honestly, most of these are very loosey-goosey. I just want some real good fic stuff going on.

Anyone have any favorites to share?
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 I have a question to (maybe, hopefully) get some discussions going...

How / when did all y'all get into Check Please? Anyone here before The Kiss (tm) ?

I'll start: I'd seen pics of The Kiss around Tumblr, but mostly ignored it because I was in grad school and did not have time for another fandom... except one of my RL friends basically poked me until I read it and... yep, here we go again. 
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Hi people, can I get some encouragment? I'm working on a Bittyparse thing. Well, Bitty/Parse kegster hookup in context of pining unrequited Bitty/Jack. A fair summary might be, "Bob didn't say anything at graduation. Jack moved to Providence. Bitty's moving on. And Kent Parson, unexpectedly is a foodie." Warnings for Kent Parson being his usual self-sabotaging trash baby self.

2,500 words at time of posting )
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Juuuuust in case any of you are not aware and would like to be, [syndicated profile] omgcheckplease_feed is how to get Check, Please! updates on your DW reading page!
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OH MY GOD HI PEOPLE. Exciting to see you here.

I wanna know more about people here! Whether you're a member or passing by, feel free to meme in the comments.

<b>How did you end up in CP fandom?</b>
<b>Primary modes of fannish expression (fic, meta, tags, lurking)</b>
<b>Favourite character?</b>
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Just how widespread is the fanon that Kent Parson has a cat?

So far I've seen Kit Purrson from Idrilka's Maybe I'm Waking Up mentioned a few places, plus original cats like in Misandrywitch's Angles of Unfair Advantage and this fanart

But the only thing I've seen from Ngozi addressing it is when she calls it "the opposite of canon on every level." And I'm kind of heartbroken that it might not actually happen.

Is there possibly just a critical mass of people who believe in Kent's cat hard enough that we can just ignore canon and float away of our own volition?


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