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Name:A Check Please! fan community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Gay Hockey Trash Hell
Does it stand for "Shaking My Head" or "Samwell Men's Hockey"? Is there even any difference?

A fan community for the webcomic Check Please! by Ngozi Ukazu.

Stuff We Like
  • Fan theories, headcanons, speculation, and fanworks about the comic and characters

  • Useful resources for fans

  • People being thoughtful, positive, supportive, kind, or at least civil

  • Using tags/warnings/content notes to let people know what they're getting into

  • Leaving other people alone about their kinks, interests, and problematic faves

Stuff We Don't Like
  • Tons of focus on real-life hockey players and NHL hockey. A lot of us use CP to get AWAY from our issues with actual hockey.

  • People being jerks, rude, or offering unsolicited criticism.

  • The idea that if something is Problematic (tm) enjoying it means you are a TERRIBLE PERSON

Interests (5):

canada, check please, critiquing toxic hockey culture, hockey, quebecois french
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